Apr 26, 2012

Top ten reasons why I love Missouri librarians

1. They can keep a 750-attendee conference running as smoothly as if they did it every day.

2. They treat books like treasures, and authors like rock stars, even after you show them photos of yourself as a goofy little kid with a book in your lap.

3. Their passion for sinfully rich chocolate cake.

4. They can keep a tech-challenged author from fluttering around like a nervous idiot when she doesn't know how to connect her computer to the PowerPoint projector--because they know exactly how to get her connected.

5. Their cool Hunger Games necklaces.

6. Their touching stories of how their middle school students, many of them responsible for younger siblings, sympathized with Victoria in Jump the Cracks because of their common bond as caretakers for little kids.

7. They know how to dress for a party.

8. Their beautiful paper flowers made from "shredded books" (but not real books!)

9. They introduce you to other authors who you've admired from afar (hiya Kirby Larson and Lisa McMann!), and who also turn out to be lovely, fun people.

10. They value kids, and prove it, by giving them places of honor at a fancy banquet.

Thank you to MASL, the Missouri Association of School Librarians, for inviting me to your 2012 spring conference! I'll never forget it!


  1. We were happy to have you. Your book touched the hearts of several of my 7/8th graders and I often hear them in my library recommending it to others.

    1. That's so gratifying to hear. Tell them thanks for me!

  2. You are a rock star! We loved having you! Come again any time.

    1. Aw, thanks. Next time I come I'll show you my air guitar moves. :P
      I had a great time, and it was fun meeting you and the whole Truman committee!