Dec 14, 2012

Book-a-Day Advent calendar: Dec 14

BC/AD: Christmas Poems
U.A. Fanthorpe
Enitharmon Press (U.K.)

My favorite kind of poetry: short, clearly expressed, and evocative. Favorite selections of mine are "BC-AD," "Cat in the Manger," and of course "The Sheepdog."

Book-a-Day Advent Calendar: Dec 13

The Christmas Book
edited by Francis X. Weiser
Harcourt Brace

"The story of the celebration of Christmas, the growth of its many customs through the ages to present day American festivities."

I found this at an antique store a few years ago for $3.

Weiser was a Jesuit priest born in Austria. He dedicates the book to "the memory of a cherished friend: Georg Von Trapp, 1880-1947."

(Von Trapp is better known as the captain father in The Sound of Music.)

Book-a-Day Advent Calendar: Dec 12

by Chris Van Allsburg

Hey: I was reading this book to my kids before it was a movie.

Book-a-Day Advent Calendar: Dec 11

by Terry Pratchett

Going a little farther afield on the holiday theme, but it's a favorite.

Book-a-Day Advent Calendar: Dec 10

When Cows Come Home for Christmas
Dori Chaconas
illustrated by Lynne Chapman
Albert Whitman

You think you have crazy family holiday reunions? Ha!

Dec 13, 2012

Book-a-Day Advent Calendar: Dec 9

A Child's Christmas in Wales
Dylan Thomas
illustrated by Chris Raschka

Originally published in Harper's Bazaar in 1950 (for $300), this has since become a classic.

Book-a-Day Advent Calendar: Dec 8

Another two-fer, both in impeccable rhyme, from talented author Janet Lawler:

illustrated by Amanda Haley
Marshall Cavendish

The story of a girl, her giant snowman, and the trouble they cause.

illustrated byJohn Shroades

Dec 7, 2012

Book-a-Day Advent Calendar: Dec 7

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
by Robert Frost
illustrated by Susan Jeffers
Dutton Children's

OK, not technically a holiday book, but with snow and sleigh, it always makes me think of Christmastime. And it's lovely to read aloud.

Dec 6, 2012

Book-a-Day Advent Calendar: Dec. 6

In honor of St. Nick's Day, a two-for-one special!

Santa Calls
by William Joyce
My kids never paid much attention to the story, but they waited patiently for the very cool actual letter inside an actual envelope at the end.

Father Christmas
by Raymond Briggs
Penguin Books Ltd
(with many newer editions)

Who needs to sit through a long story when you can create your own text for a hilariously imaginative wordless book? A favorite in our house.

Dec 5, 2012

Book-a-Day Advent Calendar: December 5

The Feathered Crown
by Marsha Hayles
illustrated by Bernadette Pons
Henry Holt

Dec 4, 2012

Book-a-Day Advent Calendar: Dec 4

Christmas Mouseling 
by Dori Chaconas
illustrated by Susan Kathleen Hartung
Viking, 2000

A favorite book by one of my favorite authors!

Dec 2, 2012

Book-a-Day Advent Calendar: Dec 2

The Third Gift 
by Linda Sue Park
illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline
(Clarion, 2011)

When you know this book is associated with Christmas, it's easy to guess what the "third gift" is. And yet, the story reads like beautifully-illustrated nonfiction, until the end, when it all comes together beautifully.