Mar 25, 2014

A good non-writing day

Take a walk!
It's good for you.
Your dog will be grateful.
You might see a bluebird, even though it's really cold.

What? Can't you tell that's a bluebird?

On our walk yesterday, I learned these things about my new book:

- A bit of backstory
- A bit of my protagonist's internal conflict

and, most importantly:

- What the story's antagonist wants, and why he wants it.

This is big, because it will drive so much of the story. I read somewhere once that everyone is the hero of their own story. I think that's especially true of villains in novels.

It's also true that when you have epiphanies like this, you should get it all down on paper as soon as you get home, so you don't forget your brilliance.

Ya, yesterday was a good non-writing writing day.