Jun 9, 2014

Cover reveal!

The cover of One Witch at a Time is out, and I love it so much!

It was designed by a brilliant person at Simon & Schuster named Sonia Chaghatzbanian. I love her too, and I haven't even met her.

One Witch at a Time takes readers back to Brixen, where trouble is brewing once more. Can our hero Rudi undo the disaster caused when an unsuspecting stranger brings a foreign witch’s magic to Brixen?

Oma is back, and so is Susanna Louisa, and (of course) the Brixen Witch. And there are some new characters too, including a mysterious girl who Rudi can't seem to resist...

There are cats, too. And chickens. I hope that makes up for the conspicuous absence of rats this time around. ;)

The book is coming in February, so stay tuned for more news! There is a trailer in the works...